State and Local Government

Pohler and Associates, LLC has extensive expertise and experience in recovering debt owed to state and municipal government. The firm has enjoyed noteworthy success in collecting fines, penalties, amounts resulting from damage to government property, and state and local taxes. Of great importance is the fact that we are able to successfully recover these government debts without constituent complaints. Since November of 2006, the firm has been privileged to serve as special counsel to the Ohio Attorney General's Collections Enforcement Section.

Insurance Subrogation

Pohler and Associates, LLC has extensive experience handling insurance subrogation matters. At the Ohio Attorney General, the leadership team managed the vast portfolio of the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation and Medicaid claims. In addition, our team has achieved outstanding success recovering insurance claims. One national client put Pohler and Associates on a 90-day trial handling claims in Ohio only. In less than 60 days, this company expanded their work into all 50 states and dramatically increased assignments, as the firm has surpassed all national averages. Currently, we handle subrogation work for four major national insurance companies. Our firm stays abreast of developments in the field of subrogation recovery through our membership in the National Association of Subrogation Professionals.

Commercial and Business

Maintaining an adequate cash flow is a constant challenge for businesses. Few problems frustrate this goal more than the existence of past due receivables. This outstanding debt not only seriously hampers cash flow, but it also damages longstanding productive business relationships with vendors and customers. Pohler and Associates, LLC has the necessary expertise and experience to help businesses tackle the task of getting monies owed them into their bottom line while restoring and enhancing important business associations and connections.